Why You Should Ditch Camping for Glamping

i love not camping

Countless numbers of people are always so excited to go camping. I know plenty of them. They’ve kindly invited me along many times, but I always seemed to have other plans. Painting my nails, for instance.

I believe we all enter this world in one of two categories. Camper or Glamper.  Never have I enjoyed camping. Not even when I was a grubby 8 year old tomboy who loved climbing trees and playing in the dirt. Why? Because it SUCKED.

Sleeping in a leaky tent, in a confining sleeping bag, on top of rocks and the hard, hard ground, has never come close to qualifying as a fun time. After a long night of no sleep, one can look forward to the lack of shower, basic bathroom facilities, and any semblance of privacy.  But camping is not ALL about lack. Some things are plentiful, such as mosquitos, spiders, snakes or whatever manner of lovely wild life lives in your neck of the great outdoors.

But it IS great that so many people still love nature, and enjoy relaxing and spending time out of the house. However, after a long day of sunshine, hiking, whitewater rafting, or mountain biking, sleeping in a real bed will never feel better. Check out these photos of how non-masochistic glampers spend their wilderness evenings.

my kind of camping


sunlit blankets


I think a luxury yurt may be the way to go. Look at all the extra room you get with the round shape vs a square tent!

glamorous yurt


The dressing screen is a nice touch, in case a peeping raccoon happens by the front of the tent. One usually doesn’t think about how lucky we are to have things like TABLES, but having one in the middle of nowhere will make you a very happy glamper.

bed and table tent


fireplace, wood and stone


OOooooooh! Cozy with a great view.

glass dome


This may look nice and romantic, but it’s an illusion. What would really happen if you staked yourself up in the air with zero coverage, at the end of a long, lighted mosquito runway? Beware the faux glamp.

trick glam


Maybe glamping needs a stronger definition. Curling up inside a sewage pipe should not qualify.

sewer pipe


Very nice. .. but why especially is the wheeled-horse statue necessary?



Where do they plan on plugging in that hanging ikea light and nightstand lamps? I’m not sure about bringing along my bird statue and matching pillow. You’d think there’d be plenty of real birds around to look at. The headboard is a cute idea though.

zebra rug tent


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