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messy closet

Do you ever have days, or even weeks, when things feel stagnant and suffocating? Maybe you are wishing for a major positive shift in your life, or maybe you just need a small, immediate boost that you can make happen RIGHT NOW.

Organizing your closet is helpful in many ways.  You’ll have the satisfaction of instant positive change, and you’ll feel lighter and less bogged down with stuff you don’t need.  Once all that extra junk is gone and out of the way, you can easily assess what you have left that works for you, and what might be lacking.

It’s very much the same way we get bogged down with thoughts and assumptions we don’t need, that clutter our perspective on reality, hold us back from seeing clearly, and making room for the good things.  Who knew your closet could be a metaphor for your life?

Now, go find the closet of your discontent, and bring a big plastic trash bag.

pile of clothes to donate

I’m sure you’ve heard of the one-year rule that says if you haven’t worn it in the past year, get rid of it. But I’ve come up with my own method for sorting my stuff into Toss or Keep.

Pick up a pair of shoes or a piece of clothing from your closet.  Do you LOVE it? If you are not super psyched at the thought of wearing it, then into the bag it goes! See how much easier that is? It’s so much faster than loitering in my closet, turning my brain cells into piles of confusion as I try to recall the exact date I last wore each and every item.

Don’t forget any other random things you happen to see, such as feather boas from Halloween, or yoga dvds you outgrew.

clothes and items to donate

AND you might rediscover great things you forgot you had. How could I have forgotten about these??

clear plastic shoe heel filled with flowers

Bonus: Donating your closet extras will help out someone else.  In doing so, you’ll also be helping yourself.  Aside from the tax deductions and good karma, it just feels good to do good.  That alone, if nothing else, should help banish the stagnant and sluggish days!

cleaner closet

bag of clothes ready to donate


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