Watermelon Blackberry Mint Cocktail

watermelon blackberry mint cocktail

I have a pretty strong dislike of tequila. Many times, I have come across a cocktail on a restaurant or bar menu that sounded absolutely wonderful… except that it included the worm drink. Alas. Then one evening, a very wise bartender, upon seeing my sad face reaction to the menu, suggested I try pisco as a substitute for tequila. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a light or clear Peruvian brandy made from grapes.


1.5 oz pisco
¼ c watermelon
4 blackberries
2 mint leaves
lemon juice
¼ tsp sugar
2 slices cucumber
seltzer water

Add a couple scoops of watermelon with the blackberries into a sieve. Strain out the seeds and pulp, and pour the juice into a glass.

fruit in sieve

Alternatively, if you like pulp, use a mortar & pestle to mash everything together and then pour it straight into the glass.

fruit and mint in mortar

fruit pulp in glass

Muddle the mint with the sugar, and add to the glass with a squeeze of lemon.  Pour in the pisco, and top off with seltzer.  Stir. Garnish with blackberries and cucumber.

As yesterday was Star Wars Day, I thought it appropriate to also have a “Vadertail” with tie fighter garnish.  If you don’t have an extra spaceship handy, you can create one with two slices of cucumber and a blackberry. Cheers! I hope the Fourth was with you.

vadertail cocktail

cocktail with cucumber blackberry garnish



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