Vodyac Pomegranate Tea

top view cocktail

It looks like a sun brewed tea, and tastes like an “I don’t know what this is, but it’s good!”

At first, the notion of letting vodka sit in an old cognac barrel (what I call vodyac) was my idea of how to ruin perfectly good vodka.  However it is still vodka, I reasoned, and therefore something with which I can work.

I tested out mix proportions and came up with something so yummy that I may be changing my mind about vodyac. You see, my original plan was to give the finished cocktail to Austin, since he’s the one with a preference for amber colored spirits. However, I had to take a sip first. Then it just sort of became mine.


Vodyac Pomegranate Tea:

1.5 oz Vodka (finished in a cognac oak cask)
4 oz Pomegranate soda
4 oz Elderflower tonic water
Cherries for garnish

1) Fill a glass with ice, and pour in everything.
2) Stir and add cherries.
3) Sit on balcony and relax.

cocktail and purple balcony curtain

cocktail on balcony rail

Moving day is fast approaching, but our final Sunday evening was a very nice one!

sunlight through trees

Ellis was quite helpful! He could teach a course in advanced relaxation techniques.


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