Today is White

I dunno. If I went to someone’s house and it looked like this, I might secretly wonder what they’re hiding. Does it remind them of home, back at the sanitarium? If I had to choose something from this living room to incorporate into my home, I’d take the secret garden through the french doors.

living room


Want your kid to stop writing on the walls? Too bad, we encourage that here! Easily erasable ‘vandalism’ is the way to go. Plus I think it livens up the room.

dining room


Despite being devoid of all color, I think I could stay a night or two in this bedroom. It must be the combination of that wood floor and the mirrored fireplace. Or maybe the blankness is a good thing for bedrooms. It may help clear out your thoughts and improve sleep!

white bedroom


Yes, these are two totally different houses, but I’ve combined them into one bathroom. I love bead board ceilings, so why not add a bead board tub? The door out to the ocean doesn’t hurt either.

white bathroom

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Yep, I want this kitchen. I think I’ll take it, as is.

white kitchen


Here is a nice compromise between those ordered, geometric gardens of old Europe and the overgrown organics of neglected neighborhood yards.

garden white and green


Yes please! I like the open ‘ceiling’, but since I don’t want to be forced inside in the event of rain, it could use a little button on the front post. When pushed, a piece of plexiglass would conveniently slide across the top of the wooden bars like a moon roof.

half covered deck



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