Today is Watermelon

Bold colors like watermelon, red or fuschia are great, when you walk into a room and they don’t punch you in the face. I like it when I don’t get punched in the face. But to each, his own. Some people seem to enjoy it, judging by a few of these photos. You’ll see.

Let’s start with the most uncomfortable photo possible. A bright red bathroom with zero windows and a massive, precariously placed chandelier.

creepy red bathroom


This must be Elle Woods’ bathroom. I can’t quite figure out what is on the wall behind the mirror.

fuschia bathroom


Judging by the padded red wall, this may be the nicest cafeteria in the whole sanitarium.

red padded dining room


The watermelon red is offset by the bright white and large windows. It’s probably not the best color for a dining room, since they say red makes you hungrier than any other color.

normal dining room


Sort of the same idea, with the bright splash next to stark white. Look at all the symmetry, from the frames, to the fireplace mantel, the vertical gold patterns, and the flowers. I doubt I’m the only one bothered by such excessive perfection.

living room with fireplace


There is something about this chaise… I think I need it. Maybe the watermelon belongs on the couch and not so much on the walls.

striped couch


Awesome kitchen. I love it…. and I love that it’s not mine. I wish my best friend had this kitchen, and I could come over and play with it and then go back home to something less fuschia.

fuschia watermelon kitchen


Restful? Relaxing? No, not really. The backyard pool, however, definitely. Didn’t I read somewhere that pink walls can make people crazy?

overdone bedroom


Yep, I like this far better. No fist in the face here.

subtle bedroom


Here too, I think the neutral “walls” with the watermelon red seating and rug draws people IN, instead of driving them away. Or crazy.

red outdoor patio



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