Today is Violet

view from kitchen of lavender fields in france


I want this view out my kitchen window. Do they sell these at Lowe’s? Unfortunately not, it looks like it’s made in France only.

white and lavender kitchen


This is unusual, I don’t see stairs leading down to the kitchen too often, unless it’s a dungeon level kitchen. The countertops are pretty, I like the soft feel of the colors, and that cool chandelier. It’s like someone figured out how to create a chandelier from the very scrolled signatures of people from the 1700’s when they used feather quills and jars of ink.

If I can’t see France from my kitchen, maybe I can from my dining room!

lavender wall dining room


It’s an idea. I can’t decide if it’s just insane or awesome. I might just sit at the table and stare off into the wall instead of eating. That would be great for when I’m on a diet. The Lavender Diet Room.

lavender dining room


A simple room like this is far more likely. I like to look at the crazy creative decor and then break my “likes” down into simple elements that I will be happy to be surrounded by on a daily basis.

fancy purple bathroom


For instance, this bathroom is pretty cool. I’m noticing a lavender/white theme here. I like the colors, the sparkle, the clean (ha), modern design, minus the bidet of course. But am I really going to replicate this in my own house? Umm, no. I like a more cozy, home feel.

simple lavender bathroom


I see no reason not to have a small sparkly chandelier in the bathroom! I like the softer feel, it has more warmth. I still want the silver bathtub though.

purple glass knob


These need to go somwhere…bathroom? kitchen? Or maybe a dresser?

violet bedroom


This has some nice elements. Maybe get rid of the red, choose a single wallpaper, and it could be doable.
Ok, I really hate it all. I think I just like the purple velvet bed.

living room


I like this, but for some reason the circles bother me. I’m not sure about the overflow of crushed velvet, and with all those circular pillows and arms, I think it strikes me as too Willy Wonka. I want a gobstopper now.

This is a totally fun way to learn about my own preferences and discover what colors, textures, moods and feelings I’m drawn toward. Try it out! Collect a bunch of photos you just like for no specific reason, and with no judgment or censorship. Then after you have them all, go through and analyze what you like, and why. Which parts bother you? Then take the aspects you love and find a way to incorporate them into your house!

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