Today is Turquoise 2

turquoise on table with pink roses

Do you ever just crave a certain color?  I woke up feeling turquoise this morning.  It didn’t take me long to hop online and discover the House of Turquoise.

Hooray! An entire site dedicated to my color du jour! Here are a few of my favorite photos.  I think I’ve cobbled together my dream house.

Here is my back yard. I love how the scenery and ocean match my color scheme.

ocean backyard

Ooo, a fire pit! For when it gets really cold, like 60 degrees.

fire pit

Moving inside, we’re gonna have some breakfast and stare up at this crazy yet awesome chandelier.


Love the pretty, bold colors! Oh wait… who Zebra painted my ceiling? Hmm. Let’s leave the living room now, while I get that fixed.

living room

Ah, this is better. The bedroom and its ceiling are so much more relaxing and less Beetlejuice. I could definitely wake up to this every day!


Oops, we must have accidentally wandered into my neighbor’s house. I’m positive I don’t have a giant street view on my dining room wall. However, since we’re here, I might just see if I can borrow the flowers and the little round turquoise thingy on which they sit.

dining room

Thank you for joining me on my tour of turquoise. I’ll just leave you here in my yard.

And don’t worry about those clouds. I know it looks like the sun has set the ocean on fire, but it’s probably just another dolphin rave.

turquoise ocean

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