Today is Silver 1

The color mood for today is silver!

I’ve been painting silver designs on furniture lately, and I also may have been influenced by the Kentucky Derby. The horse named California Chrome caught my attention.

Most of these photos, while pretty, will likely never be replicated in my house. Ok, maybe except for the silver bathtub. I love silver, but in moderation. Small little accents here and there are more beautiful than a room hosed down in sparkle.

silver bathroom and tub


silver tub


This bedroom seems pretty relaxing!



Preeeetty! But a bit much if I was to paper an entire room.

silver wallpaper


Check out this dining room. I like a bit more of a cozy feel than this, but it’s really striking, in a Gatsby way.

dining room


As for the living room, I love the white and silver. But I might go crazy and end up in a very similarly white, padded room elsewhere if I didn’t have ANY color at all.

living room


Cute table, but the wallpaper must go!

silver hallway table


What do you think of my new kitchen? What? Oh those are jellyfish chandeliers. Yes, I need three of them, because they are so subtle, it would be lost in the room if there were only one.

silver white kitchen


Maybe I could put the crazy silver wallpaper in a small nook, such as this? If it had at least one other color it could work. With all the light reflecting off every surface, I’d definitely be able to see what I’m cooking.

silver stove and backsplash


What about the outdoors? For part of the year, the outside in my area self-decorates in silver.

winter view from balcony

Sometimes I wish my house could self-decorate. We are moving in a couple months, so decorating is on my mind! I may have to find that bathtub.

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