Today is National Near Miss Day 2

illustration of earth from space

Today in 1989, March 23rd, a large asteroid now called Apollo Asteroid 1989FC, came pretty close to hitting the Earth.  It flew by at 46,000 miles per hour, at about twice the distance from here to the moon.  Amazingly, the half-mile wide rock went unnoticed until after 8 days after it had passed.

Just this Wednesday, March 19th, another smaller asteroid zipped past even closer, less than the distance to the moon.

What would you do if an asteroid were due to hit the Earth in the next few days?

The things that are most important to us never really change, but we can lose sight of them from time to time.  But we don’t have to wait for a close call to decide to spend more time with the people we love, go skydiving, look at art, relax with kangaroos or try that new restaurant across town.

lounging kangaroo

wooden boat on deserted beach

Make it a point to avoid becoming so busy with your life that you forget to LIVE it.

For instance, today is also National Melba Toast Day.  Go get some, and find out what all the fuss is about those thin little pieces of toast. Does it have anything to do with Peach Melba? Do you put Peach Melba on Melba Toast? Who was Melba, anyway?

Ah. Thank you, internet. I guess she was a Soprano, not a food inventor like I’d suspected. Yes, it seems both the toast and the peaches are named after the same woman. Nellie Melba was a late Victorian era Australian opera singer.

Have you forgotten about the asteroids yet? No? Ok, you will after you make one of these.

This Peach Melba Cooler sounds amazing! I love the sprig of thyme and floating raspberries.

peach melba drink


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