Today is Grassy

bowl of grass


In the news this week, a California couple who followed the water ban and had a brown lawn, was put in a crazy dilemma.  On the same day CA approved water restrictions with $500 fines for watering lawns, they got a letter threatening to fine them $500 if they did NOT water their grass, because it looked ugly, brown and was an eyesore.

To water… or not to water… either way it’s $500.

I haven’t heard of any rules regarding interior decor and water. What if we all just move all our grass inside the house? I’m pretty sure we could water our lawn if it grew in our living room.

living room grassy shrub ottoman


Grass could be nice for the bedroom. If you have hay fever, just use the painted variety like this.

grassy bedroom paint


You’ll need to watch the watering to some extent, however. Grass CAN become overgrown, even inside the house.

rendered grass wallpaper bedroom


This is just incredible…if you can move your lawn to your kitchen floor, why not your garden too? I can picture those veggies on the ground(?) growing at the foot of the cabinets. NO sneaky rabbits could get close enough to eat your carrots! Well…unless you have a pet rabbit.

grassy kitchen


But why stop at growing your food on your kitchen floor? You can eat off your lawn too, if you just cover your table in grass. I suppose the best way to cut all your new grass would be to invest in a pet goat.

grass topped table


I guess it’s always possible to leave SOME grass outside. Just a small patch that you can see from the shower.



You can still walk on grass, wherever you go, if you modify a pair of flip flops like these.

grassy flip flops


When you get home, just make sure you kick them off into the kitchen sink instead of the closet, or your shoes may die. But what if there’s no water sitting in the sink? Hmm. Where in the house is there always a large container of water sitting, in which to water your grassy flip flops? All I can think of is the toilet. But that’s probably a crappy idea.


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