The Power of Pretty Pictures

marqueyssac gardens

With our crazy busy lives, jobs, commutes, family, etc.… some may wonder why it’s worth it to spend the time taking pictures of pretty things.  There are after hours conference calls, dinner to cook, the house is a mess, and errands keep piling up.

Our busy stressful lives are precisely why.

Since the days of cave paintings 30,000 years ago, people have sought out and created beauty in their world.  It simply makes us FEEL good. It’s in our DNA. We love to be reminded of moments, places, and people that bring out the best in ourselves with feelings of love, serenity, happiness, or fulfillment.  Those are the feelings that do to stress, what sunlight does to shadows.

backyard fountain

mountain fog beyond pale yellow field

Turn up those bright LED emotions, and leave no room for the anxious shadows lurking in the back corners.

Go out today, tomorrow and the day after that, and photograph something beautiful.  If you look for beauty every day, you’ll find it.  And the more you get into the habit of actively looking, the more variety you’ll notice. Soon you’ll be seeing beauty everywhere, especially in small and unexpected places.  With camera phones as good as they are nowadays, it’s not necessary to haul around a big camera everywhere you go in order to get great shots.

(These are all pictures from my own collection.  I take photos pretty much everywhere I go).

Daisies in grassy field

plums in plum tree

Then print out several of those great photos and put them up where you’ll see them often.  The next time you find yourself all wound up after a stressful day, a photo will unintentionally catch your eye.  You’ll look at it and press pause on your inner monologue of stress. Then notice as your eyes soften, a little smile sprouts up, and you feel a calmness as your shoulders relax.

Definitely Worth It.

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