Sweet ‘n Celery Cocktail

ingredients and celery collage

I’ve been wanting to experiment with celery bitters for a while.  I love the idea of celery in cocktails, but I tend to run from Bloody Mary’s because I’m not big on horseradish in my vodka. (Not that I don’t love horseradish, it’s just that I prefer not to drink it).

Mix Together


1.5 oz port

3 oz pomegranate cranberry juice

1.5-2 oz seltzer water

7 drops celery bitters

cherry garnish (or celery)

port in glass


stir drink

It has a sparkly, fruity flavor with a savory hint of celery. Yum!

cherry garnish

A lot of drinks are paired with the seasons.  Gin ‘n Tonics in summer,  Peppermint Schnapps in the winter, etc.  It’s nearing the end of a harsh winter, and now we have a few semi-warm moments shuffled in between snow days.  So, in honor of the most annoying new weather term of the year, I’m gonna call this is a Spring Vortex cocktail.

finished cocktail

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