St Patrick’s Day Earrings

green gemstone earrings

It seems my closet has a shortage of green clothing. But instead of rushing out to buy a radioactive colored tshirt with rainbows, fluffy clouds and leprachauns, I made these sparkly green earrings!

I found some faux gemstones and earring-making supplies at Joann’s or Michaels. Look for head pins, ear wires, jump rings, jewelry wire cutters, round nose pliers and a couple flat nosed pliers.

earring supplies

These gemstones have two holes for attaching, so I used two head pins on each.

gemstones on head pins

Once the stones are on, measure a finger space above and cut off the extra length of head pins with the wire cutters.

cut extra head pin wire

Using the round pliers, grab each end and twist/bend it under slightly, to form hook shapes.  Then put the jump ring over both ear pin hooks, and continue curling the head pins under until they are closed enough that the jump hook will stay in place.

bend head pins to jump ring

Now grab the jump ring with one flat nosed pliers and pry open the jump ring with the other pair of flat nosed pliers.

When the jump ring is opened a bit, hold onto it with the pliers while sliding on the ear wire with your fingers.

flat nosed pliers

attach ear wire

Done! Now you’ve got a new pair of shiny green earrings that you can wear year round, even without the green beer.

finished earrings

wearing earring

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