Sew A Makeup Bag

makeup bag

Historically, my makeup bags just don’t seem to last very long. I’m guessing it’s because the ones that come free at the makeup counter aren’t the highest quality. So I dug through my sewing books and patterns to see what I could make myself.

I pulled out a book called Weekend Sewing that I picked up way back in 2009, at a Borders bookstore. Remember those? While I loved perusing the crafty section, I probably contributed somewhat to their demise by joining the online world of easily downloadable e-books.

However, this is one type of book that is still way better in hardcopy format, because it comes with pattern sheets tucked within the inside cover. (I’ve yet to find a sewing e-book that can spit out patterns). To get the pattern and instructions, check out Weekend Sewing: More Than 40 Projects and Ideas for Inspired Stitching by Heather Ross.

While going through some old clothes to donate to the Salvation Army, I came across a shirt that I never wore because the cut was so floppy and ridiculous. The fabric was cute, so I decided to use it for the outside of my bag, and spare someone else from frumpiness.

Here are a few photos of the makeup bag coming together.


I cut up the entire bottom half of the shirt 😀

fabric pieces

fabric pieces cut out

zipper lining

zipper top

zipper piece

pocket gathers

It’s hard to tell, but this will be the inside pockets.

pocket on lining

pocket on lining

sew body to lining

Ready to sew the inside to the outside.

body piece

The entire bag turns right side out through the tiny opening you leave un-sewn at the top.

pin zipper to body

Now that there are two pieces, the zipper and the bag body, the only thing left is to sew them both together.

pin zipper to body

Once the zipper piece is adjusted to fit the body of the bag and sewn together,  I turned it right side out and ironed out the creases.

finished bag

finished bag

finished bag

finished bag interior

I can already tell the new ex-shirt makeup bag is far more durable! It will at least last until I get bored and decide to make a new one.




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