Potato Starch! Let’s Make Some 2


I can’t remember what made me first want to try this, but I’m still making my own potato starch over a year later!  It has even more uses than cornstarch. I’ll be getting into my favorite things to do with potato starch next time.

Cornstarch is great stuff in theory, but with the vast majority of corn sold these days being GMO, I harbor great doubts that the boxes of starch are any less genetically modified than the Frankencorn from which they came.

Whether you are using cornstarch to thicken soups, sauces, seal wonton wrappers, or anything you are planning on eating, switching to homemade potato starch is a good option if you prefer to live GMO free. (Even if you are using it to make your own Glass Cleaner, it’s great to keep your natural cleansers as natural as possible!) Of course you’ll need to start with good potatoes first.  But it’s far easier to find and use organic or non GMO potatoes than it is corn.

You’ll need two large bowls, some cheesecloth, a couple good potatoes, and a squeeze of lemon juice to help keep the potatoes from turning brown.

peeled potato halves

Peel the potatoes and chop them into a size you can grate, either by hand or with a food processor. Add lemon juice.

lemon half

There’s some starch already!

shredded potatos

Grab a large bowl and lay a cheesecloth inside.  Put the shredded potatoes into the cheesecloth, and then pour water over top to cover the potatoes.  Swish it around with your hand to get the water mixed throughout.

water and potatoes in cheesecloth

Twist and squeeze out as much of the potato water as you can into the bowl.  The water manages to turn brown anyway, so maybe I need more lemon juice!  (It doesn’t have any negative effects on the starch, so I’m not too concerned.)

squeeze water through cheesecloth

Open the cheesecloth full of squeezed potato shreds and place it into the second bowl.  Pour more water over top and repeat the same process, squeezing out as much of the water as is humanly possible.

potato shreds after squeezing out water

Combine the water from the two bowls into one, and let it sit overnight so the starch settles to the bottom.

The next day, carefully pour off the water, leaving the starch stuck to the bottom of the bowl.

Spread out the wet starch onto a plate and let it sit overnight to dry.  When it’s ready the next day, it should be totally dry and crumbly like this.

dried starch on plate

Stick it in a jar and cover!

jar of potato starch

Now hurry up and get squeezin! You’ve got just enough time to make your own before next time, when we get creative with potato starch.

P.S. Don’t know what to do with those dried out potato shreds? Make a dinner recipe that calls for dried out grated potato! I made a Rosti, which is a Swiss potato ‘pancake’, or latke. It was fantastic :)

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