sweet potato swiss chard galette

Sweet Potato & Swiss Chard Galette 1

I love making galettes. Especially when I have an overflow of vegetables that I need to use. In the past, I’ve made quiches as a means to clean out the assorted veggies multiplying in the fridge. But I like the simplicity of the galette, with its rustic appearance, high vitamin […]

vegetarian sushi

Vegetarian Sushi Rolls 2

These sushi rolls are easy, yummy, and I don’t have to worry about dealing with raw fish. I leave that to the professionals! Besides, these are amazing just as their little veggie selves.   Veggie Sushi Rolls 1 cup sushi rice 2 Tbsp rice wine vinegar 1 Tbsp sugar ½ […]

salmon and risotto

Salmon with Lemon Risotto and Grilled Artichoke Hearts

I used to think risotto was a complicated rice thing that I’d never have the patience to figure out.  But after making it the first time, the only thing I couldn’t figure out is why I never tried it sooner. There is nothing difficult about stirring rice and adding chicken […]


Apple Raisin Maple Oatmeal

Perfect for cold winter weather, oatmeal is a quick and easy breakfast that you can make any morning of the week. It comes together in a only 10 minutes, from start to spoonful. This is one time that a “fast food” defies the negative label. With organic, heart-healthy oats, fiber-rich […]

chocolate cupcake

Valentine’s Chocolate Cupcake Brownies with Blackberry Cream Cheese Frosting

These chocolate cupcake brownies are one step away from fudge! They are rich, dense, and moist, yet much softer than a hard fudge. Blackberry cream cheese frosting is the pink bow on top.   Chocolate Cupcake Brownies with Blackberry Cream Cheese Frosting Serves 2   2 ½ oz (about ½ cup) semisweet chocolate chips […]

foaming hand soap

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

Most people like sudsy, foamy soaps, myself included. What I don’t like are soaps (and shampoos) that use chemicals known as sulfates to produce more foaminess. It seems such an unnecessary health risk when there are plenty of other cleansing alternatives. More lather does not mean better-cleaning. You likely already […]

golden beet and squash bake

Golden Beet & Butternut Squash Bake

  The most striking thing about this dish is the vibrant gold and yellow colors. Chopping the beets and squash made me almost feel as if it were fall, instead of this white winter urban wilderness. Is it true that pretty food also tastes better? Umm… yes! The more senses […]

makeup bag

Sew A Makeup Bag

Historically, my makeup bags just don’t seem to last very long. I’m guessing it’s because the ones that come free at the makeup counter aren’t the highest quality. So I dug through my sewing books and patterns to see what I could make myself. I pulled out a book called Weekend […]

salsa on chip

Mint Mango Salsa

Fruit, citrus, spice and herbs. That’s all you ever need for a good salsa, and the specific ingredients can vary as widely as your imagination, or refrigerator contents. This particular salsa needed to happen because I had a mango that was threatening to expire, and an overgrown mint plant.