Outdoor Decorating with Candles and Birdcages

birdcage outdoor candles

Crazy as it sounds, fall is approaching.  I could have sworn summer just started. Today at the craft store, I found Halloween merchandise spilling from every shelf. Well at least they haven’t started with the Christmas stuff yet.

On the other hand, summer items are now last season on the sale rack! I picked up this cute birdcage for 80% off. I’m certain that birds everywhere will approve of its repurposement for candle display.


All you need to do is add some cute candles and hang it outside! Just make sure it’s within easy reach so you can light them.

place candles inside birdcage

I had a length of chain, but neither it nor the birdcage had a notch for attaching them together. If you run into the same problem, just tie them together with string. This twine I have is probably for tying up roasts or something, but that will never happen.

tie string to chain and birdcage

To blend in the string so your eye isn’t drawn to the large color contrast, use a magic marker to make it stand out less.

darken string with magic marker

Is wind an issue? If you suspect your candles will be snuffed out the minute you light them, measure the birdcage and cut a piece of clear, flexible plastic.

clear piece of flexible plastic


birdcage on railing ready for hanging


finished hanging birdcage candle holder

finished hanging birdcage candle holder

finished hanging birdcage candle holder

The photo below shows the piece of plastic inside the birdcage to shield the candles.  I didn’t want the plastic to be the full height, just tall enough to block the wind while leaving the top open.

birdcage with plastic wind shield

At night

lit candles at night

lit candles at night

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