Monterey and Carmel Valley

It’s so easy for night owls to travel west. Suddenly I have all this extra time! I feel as if I’m sleeping in till 9am, but here in California it’s only 6am.

Monterey and Carmel are two places I’ve never seen in CA.  It’s such a huge state, no matter how many times I visit, I’ll never see everywhere. I guess the famous Monterey Jazz Festival ended today, but I didn’t go. Not a big junky of jazz.

We’re staying in the valley, in a pretty mountain top house with no shortage of windows.

house windows

The deer are everywhere. You think you are completely secluded in your bathroom, facing up the empty mountain side, but as Austin learned, you are not. This little guy was staring in the window 5 feet away.

deer outside bathroom

I thought I’d left the Lizard Lounge back in Cambridge.  I was about to sit down in a lounge chair by the pool, but first I lifted up the cushion. Always listen to your intuition! Lucky for him.

lizard lounge

I think this deck (which wraps around both sides of the house) is bigger than my entire apartment back home.deck



fuzzy yellow plant

At a road side stand, there lived a couple tortoises with a nice rooster.



purple flower

grape vines

flowers at earthbound farms


bee on flower

Down at the Monterey wharf, I came across this festive candy shop with a taffy pulling machine in the window.

pink halloween candy shop

In the water around the wharf were TONS of loud, barking sea lions. I caught this one swimming near the dock. I realized today that sea lions look like idaho potatoes with whiskers.

sea lion

What does the Otter say? I overheard this conversation below, and it sounds like a lot of screaming.otters

Very unique chair under an apple tree.

twisted metal chair under apple tree

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