Metallic Stencil Designs 2

metallic silver stencil on white square shelf

I recently repurposed my square shelves to hold my earrings and bracelets. Since I’ve been discovering the joys of spray paint lately, I decided to try stenciling a design on top of each. I chose the Japanese characters for love and peace as my designs.



Exacto knife
Protective rubber pad
Plastic stencil sheets
Plastic or trash bag

stencil supplies

After printing them out at the size I wanted, I placed the paper underneath the stencil sheet and taped it in place. It took quite a bit of pressure to cut through the sheet with the exacto knife, so the protective rubber mat is a necessity to avoid cutting the surface below.

cut out stencil with exacto

Once I cut out the first stencil, I taped it as flat as I could onto the white shelf.  Since it was an intricate design, it was difficult to get it perfectly flat.

stencil taped on top of shelf

Anything I didn’t want to be metallic silver had to be wrapped in plastic to avoid the spray mist.

metallic silver sprayed onto stencil

I waited until it was completely dry before attempting to remove the stencil, in case I smudged it while it was still wet.

fuzzy stencil result

Yep, it came out a bit fuzzy looking! I considered a million ways to clean up the fine, convoluted edges of the design, from sanding to turpentine, but nothing seemed precise enough to make a clean design. That’s when purely by luck, I thought of a fabulous solution. I got a manicure clean up pen from the drugstore, and it worked perfectly. The acetone in the nail polish remover, combined with its very fine tip, allowed me to exactly control where it went and touch up the edges.

Still, I wondered if I could skip the clean up step altogether if I painted directly onto the shelf.  I sprayed some metallic paint into a cap and grabbed a fine paintbrush.

bottle cap full of metallic spray paint

Then I carefully painted the peace character.

painting japanese peace character in silver

The resulting application was much less even.  While it was a much faster process from start to finish, the quality decreased. It might take more work, but it comes out much nicer with the stencil.

japanese love character in metallic silver on white shelf

love and peace japanese characters stenciled on shelves

All in all I’m happy with how they look. I love unique and customized!

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