I Quit

expired parking meterWe all share this common, yet miraculous ability to quickly notice when things suck. And we’ve all heard that quitting is bad, and quitters never win, so never ever quit. Never? Is there ever a time when quitting is a GOOD thing?

The gym is a good example of a place where things can get difficult.  After the first 45 minutes of zumba class, you are sweating and unable to side-kick any higher, no matter how loudly the bandana-crazed drill seargent yells. Someone behind you is entirely hogging the fan and you want to empty your water bottle over your head. Or pass out. Whichever happens first is fine.

Another example is being “stuck” in a crappy job. Your desk has been moved to the basement and you’re working overtime on a dreadful project.  Your boss passes by and blithely waves hello to the wall next to you, as if he finds the two of you indistinguishable.  If he asked how it was going, you’d probably feel compelled to say everything is great! But an honest answer would be closer to,  “Well, Bob, I haven’t yet gouged out my eyes with salad spoons…partially because I am an optimist, but mainly because I just don’t carry around salad spoons.”

Start by asking yourself why are you doing it.  What do you get out of it, and how is that good for you?  Working out is an easy one.  The benefits are being healthy, feeling and looking good. The dreadful job, you might say, is necessary to pay your rent and that gym membership.  But perhaps it is NOT necessary to do that particular soul-stomping job in order to make a living.

Which option serves you best? When are you doing yourself a favor by quitting, as opposed to depriving yourself of an opportunity to contribute to your overall happiness?

Two people in the same circumstances can end up with opposite conclusions.  The difference is not the situation, but the choice.  Your butt might be sore the next day, but you CHOOSE to take zumba because you love fitting into your skinny jeans, feeling healthier, or enjoying the after cardio “high.”  Your best friend might also love skinny jeans but despise zumba and anything resembling a gym, and choose to fit in them solely through diet.

That job is making you miserable and you don’t care about the work.  So why do it? Start looking for a better way to earn money that not only doesn’t stress you out, but that you actually enjoy! Sometimes, when the going gets tough, the tough really do get going. As in, out-the-door.  Goodbye.

Another way to look at your choices is to ask yourself whether you are quitting because you are going toward something better, and not simply reacting to difficulty by running away from it.

Have a goal you are excited about, a definite destination. There are many avenues to choose from to get where you want to be.  As Lewis Carrol said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”  You are not confined to taking the miserable path through the basement office.


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