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blue glass drops

I saw this blog post on Crunchy Betty explaining how to make your own homemade glass cleaner.

Since I love most everything DIY, and especially when it reduces the number of chemicals in the house, I wanted to make it right away.

But then I held back because several people commented that it left a lot of streaks on the glass, and also because I had no rubbing alcohol in the house.  Still, it seemed not everyone ended up with streaks.  In fact, most of the comments were positive, so why not try it out for myself?

In my laziness, I went on Amazon in search of rubbing alcohol. That’s when I noticed there are TWO types of rubbing alcohol out there, Isopropyl and Ethyl. Who knew? After scouring the internet to research what they each are and how they differ, I found the consensus was that Ethyl alcohol is better than Isopropyl for non-streaking.

I wondered if the commenters who ended up with streaks were using Isopropyl instead of Ethyl rubbing alcohol.

Experiment time! I went to the store and grabbed one of each, so I could find out which worked the best.


Glass Cleaner

(1/4 recipe)

1 Tbsp white vinegar
1 Tbsp rubbing alcohol (Ethyl vs Isopropyl)
½ tsp + ¼ tsp cornstarch
½ c warm water
1 thoroughly toothpaste-splattered mirror


First I made a small amount with the Ethyl rubbing alcohol.

Ethyl glass cleaner

I cleaned off the bottom half of the mirror with the Ethyl Mix.  I am still surprised at how good it works. Fast, easy, and ZERO streaks!  It was just like using the blue stuff from the store, minus the chemicals.


dirty mirror


Ethyl clean mirror results

Next I made another small amount, using Isopropyl rubbing alcohol instead.

Isopropyl glass cleaner

I cleaned the top part of the mirror next. It was definitely not as good as the Ethyl batch.  It’s difficult to capture in a photo, but it took more effort to get the same results.  It did work, it just took longer.  At first it was very smeary and streaky, but after a few more swipes with a paper towel, it was just as clean.

mirror cleaned with isopropyl mix

Verdict: I am replacing my blue glass cleaner with this DIY stuff, and I’m calling her Ethel!

Ethel Mertz

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