Glowing Summer Nights

Just think of all those warm summer nights that will soon be engulfing your backyard, porch, deck or pool. I love it when the sunlight is still lingering at 8pm, and the air feels warm like powdered bathwater. Here are a few ideas for creating glowing night times when the sun slips down into the other hemisphere.

This is by far my favorite. A picnic at dusk! It’s like something from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Although it looks as if they are having flowers for dinner.

night picnic


I kind of like the soft yellow glow of the round ones that look like glass disco balls.

string lighting


If ever I find myself on safari, it may have to be here, at the Sabi Sands game reserve’s Singita Lodge. Wouldn’t it be amazing if South Africa had lightening bugs as large as lanterns?

singita lodge pool lights


I don’t have a pool, but I do live close to an ocean. These solar powered stone lights would be great to bring along to a beachy bonfire!

solar stone lights


If you have a garden, or space for one, this is the way to go. The chandelier is fantastic, it looks just like they grabbed a bunch of lunaria from their garden and hung it from the light! My only change would be to find more comfortable seating.

garden canopy


This is pretty cool.  It looks like a good DIY project too, if you save up some wine bottles.

bottle lights


Whoever thought of these is awesome. I can picture a glowing garden full of flowers, just like that magic garden scene from Coraline. Yep, I think I need to have blooming night flowers soon.

solar flower lights



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