Egg Candles


egg candles

It’s not often that we get REAL eggs. These are not from any store. I’m talking about the kind from an actual farm where the chickens flap around free-range style and follow you around like a pack of curious, feathered ferrets.


fresh eggs

Free Range Candles:

3 eggs
paints and/or sparkles
1 ¼ c soy wax
15-20 drops lavender essential oil
3 wicks
double sided tape or glue

Wash the eggs thoroughly, then crack carefully around very top of each. Pour out the eggs into a bowl.

crack egg tops

Wash out the insides of the shells and let them dry while you make breakfast!

empty shells drying

Paint and sparkle your egg shells and let them dry. The drying time will depend on what you use to decorate. The elmer’s glue dries pretty quickly, and I let the painted shells dry 30 minutes.

glue and sparkles

Since eggs have a tendency to roll over and smudge the nice design you just created, use a rubber band to keep them in place.

rubber bands

Once all three are dry, glue the trio of shells to each other so they balance upright on their own.

glue 3 shells together

Stick the wicks to the bottom of the shells with double sided tape. Melt the wax.  Remove from heat and stir in lavender essential oil.

add lavender to melted wax

Slowly pour wax into egg shells, and then position and hold the wicks in place with toothpicks.

pour wax into shells

keep wicks in place with toothpicks

Trim wicks after wax hardens.  Break off pieces from the shell tops to reveal a bit of the candles.

egg candles next to owl candle

It looks like they belong next to Monsieur Owl.

lit candles

egg candles in birdcage

This birdcage is getting a lot of use lately!

egg candles in birdcage

egg candles in birdcage

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