DIY Lip Gloss Fail 1

homemade lip gloss

I come across a lot of diy makeup recipes.  I always think it’s such a cool idea, and I’d love to make my own. Every so often, in a fit of optimism, I will attempt to create one.

99% of the time, the source recipe will not show the finished product, or what it looks like on a real person. I’m beginning to realize that if they did, nobody would bother trying to replicate it. So I’m going to show you my results. (not pretty!)


¼ tsp beeswax (.05 oz)
¼ tsp coconut oil
¼ tsp shea butter
1 tsp dried rose petals (powdered)
1/8 – ¼ tsp beet root powder

I carefully weighed and measured the base ingredients, then melted them together.

raw base ingredients

Then I ground up a teaspoon of dried rose petals.

dried rose petals

The color is amazing. If I ended up with a lip gloss this color, I’d be happy!

powdered rose petals

I poured the melted base into an old container and mixed in the powdered rose petals. The color looked pretty, but the pigment packed no punch, so I added a small amount of the beet root powder. It helped the color a bit, but the lip gloss was grainy, uneven and the texture was generally yucky.

mixing in the powdered colors

I theorized that maybe if I added the color in with the base while melting, the heat might bind the beet root powder more effectively.  I skipped the greasy coconut oil and melted just the shea butter, beeswax and beet root powder together.

melting ingredients

The color was present this time, but the texture was abysmal, like trying to smear wet sand on your lips. I have no idea why it was still so grainy. Adding a touch of coconut oil only made it grainy AND greasy.

final lip gloss

I don’t mind making messes, and failure can be therapeutic for perfectionists.  Sometimes, it’s the only way to learn. If in the future, I want to concoct my own lip gloss, I think I’ll have a better chance of success through trial and error than following another recipe.

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