DIY Lavender & Almond Oil Bamboo Reed Diffuser

bamboo reed oil diffuser

Moving day has come and gone… again. As if by some astounding, cosmic beaurocratic error, I have moved 4 times in 4 years.  I’m gaining a lot of practice, but at something I don’t really want to do. It reminds me of all those years in school when my Mom made me take piano lessons!

Of course now I love to play the piano, but I can’t imagine looking back and saying the same about moving.  What could I possibly get out of that? It seems like nothing but a prolonged period of uncertainty, stress, chaos and confusion.

Looked at from another perspective, it’s not what happens, but how we react that matters. The first time I moved 4 years ago, it was a 10 out of 10 on my S.H.I.T. scale. (Stressful, Highly Insane Times) Divorce plus moving will usually rate highly on any stress-o-meter. The second time, however, was a little better. It rated about an 8. The third time was almost a charm, but still a solid 5.

This move has finally made me realize that it isn’t moving that I’ve been practicing; but stress management! Move number four was only a 2.5, because every time I felt out of control, I could step back and avoid the Bog of Eternal Stench.  So what if I got called for a last minute interview and every piece of appropriate clothing was packed away in a sea of boxes? Every day, I want to accept and be OK with reality, no matter what life’s little monkeys throw.

In celebration, I’ve made this lavender-almond oil scented, bamboo reed diffuser. It’s like an anti-bog, zero scale scoring, sweet-smelling jar of happiness.

Lavender Almond Oil Diffuser

½ c almond oil
2 Tbsp vegetable glycerine
25 drops lavender essential oil
glass/ceramic jar
decorative glass stones (optional)
elastic thread and beads (optional)
bamboo reeds


I took a perfume class once, where I learned that lavender is a ‘middle note’ in the hierarchy of scent arrangement, and therefore slow to evaporate. Since I’m going for long-lasting, I also added vegetable glycerine.

First, find a small jar with a narrow top, to slow the evaporation of the oils. Next, toss in some random pretty bits of glass, or whatever you like.

glass bits in jar

Pour in the almond oil, glycerine and then drop in the lavender essential oil. Stir it around with a bamboo reed to mix. String a few pretty beads onto a length of elastic thread and tie the ends together to form a circle.

beads around jar of scented oil

Place the reeds into the oils, then flip them and put the dry ends into the jar with the wet ends sticking out. Continue to flip the reeds upside down whenever you want a fresh burst of nice scent.

bamboo reeds in jar of oils

scented bamboo reed diffuser

Below are a few photos from moving day!

hallway before

hallway after

boxes in dining room

empty dining room

symmetry in doorways

I love this photo because it is all zig zags and symmetry. Polonius was right. Sometimes there is order in chaos!


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