DIY Baby Nook 6

pink moccasins


Our little condo is… well, little. Like these pink moccasins. A baby does not take up much space, but all the added baby items definitely do. Luckily our bedroom is quite large, as it used to be two bedrooms.


bedroom before


Back when we first moved in, we wondered how we could best use such a large bedroom. Now we know! The extra space is perfect to section off a baby nook. We can keep her nearby, while having a semi-private area for her to sleep, as undisturbed as possible.


The plan was to divide the room by creating sliding fabric panels that would hang from the ceiling. We wanted something that would be:

  • Easy to quietly slide open and closed
  • Soft with pretty colors and patterns
  • Light blocking, from balcony and bedside reading lamps


In summary, this is what we did:

Austin ordered a multi-track curtain rail system from ikea, and installed it on the ceiling to the left of the bed. After sewing 4 panels, we inserted the flat metal bar inside the top of each panel and pressed them into the metal clamp piece. Then each panel slid into a separate track. A stopper added to the end prevents the panels from accidentally sliding off again once in place.


To get the panel dimensions, we measured the height of the room and width of area we wanted to divide.


measure and cut owl fabric


I wanted each panel to have mint fabric edges, so the total width was calculated based on that design.


mint fabric


The two mint strips are sewn onto the long sides of the owl fabric.


sew mint to owl fabric


Adding a white muslin fabric to the back of each panel made them look nicer from our side, while adding more weight, structure and light-blocking.


white muslin back


When sewing the white muslin to the back of the panel, it’s important to leave a small, backstitched hole for the flat metal rod, in order to clamp into the metal piece that slides onto the track.


leave opening for flat metal bar


Can’t forget to leave an opening at the top of each panel to turn it right-side-out!  I spaced out on the first panel and had to attack it with my seam ripper. Ugh.


leave top open to turn inside out


A finished panel, nicely ironed and ready to topstitch the opening shut.


finished panel


The flat metal bar is in place inside the panel, through the opening left earlier, and then slipped into the metal clamp piece.


insert the panel into the metal clamp piece


Austin attaches the first section of the multi-track rail to the ceiling.


attaching the multi-track rail to the ceiling


The first panel goes up, late at night! (It’s so hard to get decent pictures after the sun goes down).


finished panel hanging from ceiling track


After another few days of sewing here and there, all four panels are finally in place.


4 finished panels hung


Here is the back view.  We are experimenting with hanging some art to make the wall of white a bit more interesting.


back of panels




corner before



baby nook

I don’t miss the shoe-tree that used to be in the corner. It’s a fantastic space saver, but it doesn’t look great. It really belongs hidden away in a walk-in closet!



before nook



after nook


I like how the panels can be reconfigured any way we want.  My necklace collection on the wall will probably (though unintentionally) work out quite well. Just look at all those shiny sparkly distractions on the wall right above the diaper changing spot!

We will soon be testing out this design, and finding out how well it really works in practice!  (And how long it stays this neat and organized).


baby nook

baby nook


We think this arrangement will be pretty handy for the early months. By the time she outgrows this bassinet, we will likely be looking for a larger place to keep up!


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