DIY Crochet Dishcloth

crochet dishcloth closeup

I don’t know if your kitchen is anything like mine, but I’ve noticed the dishrags seem to vanish with the same frequency as my socks from the laundry.  How would Sherlock Holmes solve this one?  The facts suggest that whoever is stealing them is clearly very small, and invincible at hiding. Their world must be full of sock sleeping bags and dishcloth bed comforters.

Regardless of where they went, I am currently 100% completely out of dishcloths. So while I wait on Mr. Holmes, I’ll just start crocheting.  (My mom taught me this pretty pattern sooooo long ago!)

You’ll need a size G crochet hook, and 100% cotton yarn, weight 4 Medium.  A single 2.5 oz ball is enough for one dishcloth, unless you want to use two different colors.

yarn and crochet hook

The finished size can vary.  I made several, ranging from 8-10 inches in width.  For this one, I started with a chain of 16 single crochet stitches.  (sc)

To turn, chain 1.  Rows 2 – 12 are all half double crochet stitches. (hdc) Repeat until you have a square!

12 rows

Single crochet all the way around the edges.

single crochet around edges

Change colors if you want, and double crochet (dc) around the edges.  In the corners, it’s best to do a couple extra dc back to back so that it will lay flat.

double crochet around edges

To create the outside edge frill, half double crochet 4 times in each of the spaces left by the double crochet.

crochet dishcloth

Trim the yarn tails, weave in the ends, and you’re done!  (Until the tiny thieves strike again.)

dishcloth on faucet

crochet dishcloth

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