pistachio cheesecake truffle

Pistachio Cheesecake Truffles

That is correct. Chocolate covered pistachio cheesecake bites, rolled in buttered graham cracker. It’s not often that a non-health food finds itself featured on my blog. These little calorie bombs contain exactly zero sprouted alfalfa, and no spinach. In fact, nothing even resembling a vegetable is involved. Its fun to […]

grape gummies

Vegan Fruit Pectin Grape Gummies 1

I bought these excruciatingly cute candy molds in the shapes of little vegetables. Very little thought was given to what I planned to do with them exactly, but I was positive that they were necessary. Somehow. They are probably meant for chocolate, but my two favorite candies are jellybeans and gummy […]

swedish semla

Swedish Semlor with Hazelnut Filling

Semlor are traditional sweet rolls with awesome filling and whipped cream. (Semlor is plural of semla.) One review called them “doughy balls of sin” which sounded like a good endorsement. I wanted to make sure I had as authentic a recipe as possible, so I visited a few Swedish sites.  But then […]

pnut butter cookie with pineapple sorbet

Pineapple Sorbet with Peanut Butter Cumin Cookies 1

Now that it’s finally warm enough out for me to say spring has arrived, I wanted to make a new dessert for Easter. I have to say the pineapple is surprisingly good as sorbet, I think it’s edged out the Cantaloupe Violet as my new favorite. In my latest plot to […]