diy eye makeup remover

DIY Jojoba Rose Eye Makeup Remover

My old eye makeup remover costs $8 for a 4oz bottle. Not a terrible price, considering others can cost $30 or more. But even my relatively inexpensive choice, with all its green tea, chamomile and zero fragrance claims, still contained preservatives and other ingredients so complicated their names required nearly […]

homemade herbal shampoo

DIY Herbal Shampoo with Rose Petal, Nettle and Dandelion 1

As you have probably noticed by now, I am very picky about ingredients! I originally made this shampoo with nothing but the herbs, oils and castile soap. However, that resulted in a very watery shampoo, which is a problem, especially for those of us with long hair. This brings me […]

rosehip seed oil moisturizer

Homemade Rosehip Seed Oil Moisturizer 6

  My rosehip seed oil finally arrived yesterday. Hooray! I noticed rosehip seed oil was gaining in popularity, but I ignored it, right up until I did one of those double takes when I read this comment. It’s better than Botox (in our opinion) With skin rejuvenating properties like vitamin […]