Bye Bye, Oregon


It’s always sad to leave, but I’ll be back again later!


congestion sign

We tried to figure this out. Maybe it’s a warning for people with sinus issues, because I don’t see much traffic.

mountain rose herb shop

In Eugene, we stopped at Mountain Rose Herb. Such a cute little shop, except it’s a pick-up only, so you have to order ahead of time.

logging truck

Logging trucks are a common sight out here.


The cows love apples! We liked feeding them the ones we found on the ground, so when they saw us coming to the fence, they came running.


Austin was nervous about feeding the horse with his hand out flat, the way I showed him. He mentioned something about the amount of uncontrollable horse drool, both of apple juice and slobber. But that’s what jeans are for!


This is the horse chestnut tree I used to climb as a kid. See the cozy sitting spot?

little mountain

Lots of little hills around in the valley.

tree in river

A tree taking a swim in the Calapooia River.


Back to Boston tomorrow!

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