Before & Afters

Lately I’ve been taking more photos of random dinner creations at only two points in time; just before baking, and afterwards.

I also love before and after photos of home decorating, renovations, people getting makeovers, or getting in shape. So why not food?

Fiddlehead Quiche

prebaked fiddlehead quiche

baked quiche

piece of fiddlehead quiche

Apple Tart click for recipe

prebaked apple tart

baked apple tart

baked apple tart side

Dandelion Biscuits click for recipe

prebaked dandelion biscuits

baked biscuits

Prosciutto Wrapped Watermelon Rinds click for recipe

prebaked watermelon rinds

prosciutto wrapped watermelon rinds baked

Root Vegetable Galette click for recipe

prebaked, no cheese galette

prebaked galette with cheese

baked galette

Grilled Sassafras Chicken click for recipe

raw marinaded chicken

grilled sassafras chicken

Tomato Tart with Mozzarella

tomato tart pre baked

tomato tart with mozzarella pre baked

baked tomato tart


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