17 Mile Drive

17 mile drive coastal tree

This is pretty much going to be a photography blog while I’m on vacation, fyi!

We drove up 17 mile drive on the Monterey Peninsula from Pebble Beach to Pacific Grove.  Fantastic area, and tons of places to stop and take photos. Below is the famous Lone Cypress Tree, which is over 250 years old.

Interesting bit of trivia: In 1765, around the time this tree was just a sprouting seed in the dirt, the notion of America was also just beginning. The British came out with a new tax to impose on the colonists, called the “Stamp Act”.

… if it was not for the Stamp Act we may not have become an independent country. The Stamp Act helped to spark the idea of independence from Great Britain. Without that spark, the United States may never have formed. Great Britain’s oppression was our main reason for independence..


It’s hard to believe this tree has been growing since before America was a country.

lone cypress tree

Seal rock is just what it sounds like. Covered in seals, sea lions and cormorants, it sits fairly far out in the water. I zoomed in to get this picture. They make quite a lot of noise, and even more of a smell. The wind was favorable that day, but every so often it would change and blow toward shore. Let’s just say you would not want to picnic on that beach.

seal rock

We walked around to to some tide pools and found some interesting shells.

tide pool

sea shells





seal in ocean

After the scenic drive, we headed back to the fishermen’s wharf to find some fresh fish to grill.

fishing boat






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