$150 Apartment Balcony Makeover

balcony makeover

In the summer, we spend most evenings relaxing outside.  We needed a cute, comfortable balcony space that was also simple, inexpensive and apartment friendly.  Also, the weather here is only warm 4-5 months out of the year, so there is not much reason to go overboard on outdoor décor.

5 Step Balcony Makeover

This is how ours looked before:

bare balcony

1. Plants: Line the deck with potted plants wherever they will get the most sunlight. I bought generic plastic pots (5 for $25) and upgraded them with a little strategic spray painting.
2. Rug: A small 5×7 outdoor area rug for $20 adds a bit of softness, especially when you are barefoot! It looks and feels more comfortable, which opens up the possibility of floor lounging, with a few pillows.
3. Chairs: If you are a non-floor-sitter, you’ll find folding chairs are often on sale. We picked up a couple blue bistro chairs for $30.

no curtains

4. Curtains: Outdoor curtains make a huge difference. They bring style, privacy, shade and movement to the space. A 10-foot length of steel pipe manages to look rustic as an   outdoor curtain rod, and at $14, costs far less. We ordered two sets of outdoor curtains for $20. Lay a sheer panel on top of a solid white panel, and then sew them together across the top.

curtain stitching

Decent curtain rod ends can be expensive. So instead, to prevent the wind from blowing your curtains off the rod, try using ceiling fan pull replacements. These are prettier than generic round knobs, and cost only $3.99 each.

ceiling fan pull

A little hot glue works great as a semi-permanent way to secure them in place for the season.

crystal ceiling fan pull as curtain rod end

5. Lights: For a subtle sparkle of lighting, nothing beats 100 solar LEDs for $16. You don’t have to worry about finding an outlet to plug them in, just stake the little solar panel into one of your potted plants! We set ours to automatically turn on when the sun goes down. Candles also add a nice touch, especially if they are anti-mosquito!


before and after

balcony lights


It doesn’t take much time or money to turn a balcony area into something nice and cozy.  What are your favorite ideas for outdoor space décor?

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