beer pizza dough unbaked

Beer Pizza Dough 5

I don’t remember much about that Chinese history class I took in college. I was forced to take it in order fill credit requirements after discovering absolutely nothing else was open, not even ice skating. My brain deleted 4,000 years worth of Chinese history in the time it took to […]

baby nook

DIY Baby Nook 6

  Our little condo is… well, little. Like these pink moccasins. A baby does not take up much space, but all the added baby items definitely do. Luckily our bedroom is quite large, as it used to be two bedrooms.     Back when we first moved in, we wondered […]

marshmallow frosting with chocolate cake

Marshmallow Frosting with Chocolate Cake 7

  This is all about the marshmallow frosting. The chocolate cake is just something to eat it with, like a piece of toast for homemade raspberry jam.   I have never liked marshmallows. A lot of people find this strange, but you’ll find it less bizarre after I tell you I […]

southwestern chipotle lasagna

Southwestern Chipotle Lasagna 4

    It’s time for some cuisine confusion. Or should that be fusion? Sounds like the same thing to me. Tonight’s dinner is a Mexitalian inspired lasagna in form, but with the soul of a taco.   I’ve been making variations of this lasagna since college, but the chipotle makes this […]

creamy sweet potato soup

Creamy Sweet Potato Soup 1

    Sometimes pureed veggie soups can taste a bit monotone, like a mouthful of “meh”.  We can’t have that here.  Sad soups do nothing to help motivate one to eat healthy. However, pre-roasting the vegetables changes things drastically for the better. Just like making a face-melting habanero salsa, roasting […]

asparagus jalapeno pesto

Roasted Asparagus Jalapeno Pesto 2

  Of all the Easter leftovers, asparagus is one of the most perishable.  I tried to come up with a creative way to sneak it into dinner…again.  What could I make that was as far from lamb and mint jelly as possible?  Pizza! I considered doing a shaved asparagus topping, […]

crochet bowl

Crochet A Bowl

After you come home from a baby shower, you discover precisely how a Baby’s R Us would look if it were stuffed into a cannon and shot into your house. It’s amazing just how much space all the cute stuff requires. Even things like itty bitty socks can be a […]

carrot lavender cheesecake

Carrot Lavender Cheesecake 1

  It turns out I wasn’t in the mood for carrot cake this Easter, but I still wanted to make something with carrots. How about a carrot cheesecake? I couldn’t decide if it was weird or not, so I just made it anyway.   In order to prevent the carrot […]

spinach turkey bacon quiche

Low Calorie Spinach & Turkey Bacon Quiche 1

  Easter is coming soon, which usually means a lot of food and a few desserts lurking on the table. So in preparation for all that carrot cake, I made a healthy, reduced calorie quiche for this week.   If you are planning to eat an entire cake next weekend, […]

lemongrass taco pizza

Lemongrass Taco Pizza 4

  I am still obsessed with lemongrass. Up to now, it’s been mainly a fabulous marinade ingredient in my kitchen. Nothing wrong with that, except I just wasn’t in the mood for chicken last night. Tacos are a favorite go-to for last minute dinner plans, but I wasn’t feeling that […]